Avid Flyer

This is my Avid Flyer. I bought this in July 2018 from Thomas Björnbye. This Flyer was built in Italy and imported to Sweden 2005. It is a C-model. I fly it from my home strip in Möllebjörke. A very nice aircraft I must say!

Seaplane rating lesson

I finally got to start my Sea Plane Rating for ultralights this summer. I have always wanted to combine my airplane hobby together with my wildlife and fishing interests. It must be wonderful to be able to fly out to a lake where nobody gets access to and just land, slowly taxie to the perfect fishing spot, throw out the anchor and pull out the telescope fishing rod.  A child’s dream! 

Anyway, I am doing it! I have now taken 7 hours seaplane flight lessons and it’s a blast! I need about 3 to 5 hours more to extend my Ultralight license with a Sea rating. I also need to take the written exam. My teachers Per and Hasse is great and really wonderful to be around. They love what they are doing and it’s a thrill to learn from them. 

My first Seaplane lesson ever  was with Per in his Piper Cub on Full Lotus floats on the lake Ivö in Kristianstad. I was hooked and I decided to pursue my dream sooner or later. I just needed to finish the automation education I had started first. Now it’s time to get started! 

So this summer Per and Hasse had put together a nice seaplane camp in Ekestad at Råbelövssjön and at Bäckaskog Castle. We flew in several days and the weather was perfect. 

Hasse have many many hours as a heavy aircraft Captain and also a very experienced Seaplane pilot, both commercial and private. He has a lot of exciting stories from when he worked as a Seaplane taxi Pilot. This admirable man is the perfect teacher not only because of his great knowledge and skills, but also his calm, nice and secure way of being.

Per is the wonderful passionated doctor who’s wide range of experience in different types of aviation areas, makes him a query interesting teacher to learn from. His excitement is really contagious and it makes the hard work while learning easy. 

Yesterday I spent the day with Per at his home base in Ekestad flying the seaplane SE-YJA that our club SjöflygSyd own. We used a lot of time just talking, hanging out, refueling on one of his friends unstable floating beach bridge before we got in the air. We did 3 normal landings, 2 power off landings, 2 glassy-water landings and one side wind landing. We plowed around and we did bridge docking and beach docking. Everything went great and it was a blast! I wanna do it again!!
YJA is an Zenair CH701 STOL on floats. It’s a very special aircraft with nice short take of and landing performance. On floats you need to really fly it al the way down to the water surface, meaning you need about 50% power to be able to do a nice and soft landing. 

More to come and yet to see!

Testing testing

Got to test the crank signal and spark signal all together with the oscilloscope. Great success! The signals are correct all the way up to 3600rpm! Over 3600rpm the signals gets shorter for some reason… Maybe its a miscalculation or the code could be to slow at that speed. I will look into this of course.



Here you can see the signals ( my oscilloscope just have 1 channel, that’s why the signals seems to be weak and they are all on one line.




Aileron work

Working on the ailerons. It’s like building a giant scale RC-plane. These ailerons are quite heavy duty I must say. I understand that they need to be extra strong and stable, because there are only ailerons on the lower wing. 

I got a nice little band saw for Christmas present from my wonderful wife. So cutting up all the sticks was easy. Gluing with T88 epoxy and clamping  with small plastic clamps.

The rod and hinge. I will use ball bearings instead of lexan bushings.

The leading edge is going to be covered with plywood. I painted varnish on the inside before covering. All surfaces to be glued was sanded before.

Using aircraft plywood from Finland.

The plywood is glued at one edge as a first step. I make two test samples for each glue batch. (One test sample is laying on top of the plywood).

Me as a person

I have done this so many times, and still, it`s not as easy as I want it to be. That thought is what motivates me the most. I actually thought that this post should be a piece of cake for me, but still I feel a bit unsure and that bothers me! OK, so I made my point, but this is one of the hundreds points that motivates me to do stuff in my life. So now when I have made this ice breaking kind off start on this letter, I can start writing down the basics about myself. My name is Anders Stenhammar. Stenhammar means “stone hammer” and I got it from my wife. I like it because it reminds me of my strong wife and the stone hammer is for me a symbol for plain hard work and craftsmanship. My mother and father gave me the name Anders. My parents are divorced, but they did actually agree on this one. They probably see themselves as simple workers and like to keep things simple, that’s why my only name is Anders, and nothing else…

During different courses that I have attended at the military officer academy, I got to do a lot of different presentations… Even though I have practised this several times and I have this strange urge to fight my stage fright, I can never decide what part to tell about me and my life. Everything is so integrated and nothing is so plain simple as my parents wanted things to be. I still have to decide what parts to be told, and accept that I won’t be able to make you understand who I am in this letter. That´s if you don’t want to pay me to write an autobiography…

You should know one thing though, I am born in June. The sign of Gemini is thought to be very adaptable and flexible, sometimes to the point of “being” two different personalities.  Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading this “mess of words” that I composite here for you.  Yes, I do use autospell when writing, sorry, but I´m an automatic engineer student!

So let’s go back to the basics again. Born in Norway, moved a lot during my years as a kid (undefined amount of years) and kept moving around until now. Now I just want to settle down and enjoy my life with my wife and hopefully with some kids in the future. I do not dislike the fact that I have been brought up in a moving family, I actually have a lot to be grateful because of that. My sister thinks the opposite, and she has not had the fortune to realize that all our experience in life do make us stronger, if we use it right.

The sky’s the limit! That´s what one of my mentors told me once. I like having mentors, they make me feel great and I really respect that. The feeling when I grow in their eyes and make them proud. I guess that´s one of the reasons why I like to be a mentor myself. My first teaching job was when I was 15 years old and worked for free as a R/C pilot instructor (Radio Controlled). My patience became my strength and also my curse. I`m been teaching since… Still trying to teach people how to fly…

Working as a  aircraft technician officer in the Air Force did develop my teaching skills. I loved that, and still do. I am a teacher and a learner and I like the military leadership. All to often the Air Force educate their soldiers to become strong and smart so when they demand more of their soldiers, they are surprised to learn that the soldiers suddenly expects more of them as an employer. I get that, unfortunately too bad for the Swedish Air Force. .

Being on my own is something that has never bothered me. I do like people and when I’m around them I’m very social, but I do get by very well by my own. I have my workshop at home, where I can run away and just be by myself and do the things I like to do. I really love to work on my microlight airplanes and all the other projects I have. Recently I became a member of Blekinge Uppfinnarverkstad, which is a club for inventors and innovative people.

Sometimes my father don’t see the problems when he`s getting into new projects. Sometimes he never see them, not even when they appear! I guess I have some of that in me. Problems is not a problem, its an issue to solve! At the same time I`m not able to settle on one thing for too long, except from my wife. My wife Catarina ak. Cata is the one steady point in my life and it seems like we have found our spot on this planet. For 14 years we have been together, and I can’t imagine a life without her.

So why am I an automatic engineering student right now and why am I doing this right now? My friends and family members have asked me that so many times. I don’t have any straight answer on that one! I guess I am in this phase in my life where I want more of myself and my life. Working in the aircraft industry slowly hurted my passion for aircraft and invention. I needed something to develope and put my name on. I need to feel some growing pain during my career. I know I am capable of more, and I need to try, never quit trying. So why shouldn’t I?

I can`t have enough of this life, so I want to keep learning new stuff and live this life even more deeply. I love knowledge and I love hard work. My passion is my drivetrain and my goals keep me going. A true Stenhammar never quits.

It`s just that simple!