Me as a proffessional

After 7 years of experience as a technician and military officer in aeronautics, I apply myself to a new industry with new challenges. Therefore, I have been studying the automation engineer program at Yrkeshögskolan syd in Hässleholm. The program ends in spring 2016 after I have completed my practise at TitanX Engine Cooling in Mjälby.

I am a quick learner when it comes to technologies and working routines. To study and instruct parallel with troubleshooting and problem solving has been my regular tasks as a  Officer in aeronautics. I long, however, to be involved in the design and development of new systems, procedures and activities. I want to learn more, other systems, newer technology and so on. The automation industry suits me very well by other words.

I perceived versatility. I realy like variety in my work. My hobbies reflects my proffesion. I love to build and fly aircrafts and engines. I have also recently been recruited to Blekinge Inventors Association that gives me much of what I love doing.

I care about good fellowship and leadership, I have always taken advantage of this knowledge when it comes to team work and contact with other people. In my work as a officer, I have received a lot of experience in this. I’m happy for what I have learned to develop in myself by constantly strive for development and versatility.

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