Christmas uppdate

Ok so let’s do some simple uppdate on the Youngster project. Just by posting pictures.


12 thoughts on “Christmas uppdate

  1. Looks   G R E A T E !!! Ariel AriellyISRAEL | anders stenhammar posted: “Ok so let’s do some simple uppdate on the Youngster project. Just by posting pictures.” | |

    1. Hi John. Maybe your email inbox is full. Because I keep getting my emails returned. I recommend you to use the Runtronic CDI system or Leburg system. My system is not tested and proven yet. My Arduino system is not a CDI, it is a EIS, because it uses a processor and hall effekt sensor sensor a magnet on the crank to send ignition signals to a transistor coil trigger and a primary and secondary high voltage coil that produces a spark. A CDI system have the primary coil in the sensor, capacitor and secondary coil in the box that makes the spark, no processor and no hall effect sensor. With a EIS you can programme the ignition curve exactly and nice. With a CDI you need two magnets on the crank, one for starting and one for running. The starting magnet is positioned at TDC and quite close to the sensor so that it will give spark at low rpm. The running magnet will be positioned at about 25 degrees before TDC and at a greater distance from the sensor, this will give spark att higer rpm (high inductance at high rpm). This method is not officially, because normally that use this on a model engine with a much smaller diameter on the crank, giving the possibility to only use one sensor. Iwill try to explain this more in my blog with pictures and so. You can also go to
      And this:

      1. Hi Anders,
        Have not received your emails. email address is, and is active.
        Thanks for the explanations CDi/EIS. Sorry you are not continuing with design of you EIS unit. Looks good to me, and very buildable as a DIY project.
        My application is for a 1/2 VW engine to power a hi -Max ultralight, in lieu of the Bosch 009 distributor, etc., etc.
        Engine is a trype 1, 1600cc, A41 case, std 69mm crank, 92mm jugs. Plane is 85% complete all the way through fabric but un painted. Engine is in final stages of machining prior to re-assembly. Expected power 32hp, with dual 32mm mikuni carbs. Plane is designed for 28hp, probably Rotax 477 or simiilar. I am pushing thinks with the 1/2 VW weight wise, trying very hard to keep weight down to 254 lbs( FAA part 103).
        My intention was to go with the Bosch std 009 distr. (points, cap., coil) wih builtin centrifugal advance through startup of engine and breakin. My background is electrical, 35 years in power system design engineering, now retired, and in love with ultralights. It started off occupying only my time, but now my money as well.
        It appears that your EIS design can be built for much less then the systems you recommended. Do you have any interest in continuing through prototype testing on engine, as a base line system (less some of the bells and whistles bilt in to the other packages. Basically an EIS equivalent of the std ”009” package with programmed advance, eliminating the distributor, in lieu of the hall effect sensor on the crank, or utilizing a hall effect sensor (Petronix) in the distributor housing.
        What made you stop?
        I look forward to a reply.
        john W. Couvillon
        10113 Hyde park Ct.
        Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
        and change out to a CDI or EIS once the engine

      2. Hi John. If I were you, I would mount dual ignition system and use it the first 50 hours before demounting one and only use single system. The Arduino EIS is still unsafe because it has not been tested appropriately. I stopped because it took to much time to figure out the strange electromagnetic noise that made the Arduino glitch. I am working on my engine now so I won’t work on the EIS for a long time now.

      3. Ok, no problem.
        A question about a photo you posted of the rudder pedals on the floor of your plane. At the hinge point on the pedals I see a cables terminating from aft and appear to attach to the knobs on the floor. I assume those are brake pedals? Do you actuate with the front of your heel with you foot flat or what? Novel approach!
        Thanks for the ignition advice!
        John C

      4. Yes I will use the heels to help steer the plane one ground and to hold it still at idle on asfalt. My feet are like Charlie Chaplin feets so it suits me fine 😂

      5. It’s a Fisher Youngster V that I am building. I am building a vw1835cc engine for it now. The brakes is just regular light aircraft mechanical drum brakes . The engine uses electronic 009 accuspark ignition as primary system and Runtronic CDI system as secondary.

      6. VW 1835cc is 4 cyl that should be good for some power. Did you up the stroke and bore? Looking closely at your photo of the push/pull cable on he elevator, It appears to be similar to what you see on lawnmowers for throttle control. If so, a much cheaper alternate to aero stuff. Here in Louisiana, we get rust buildup on the solid metal core shaft requiring light oil treatment, especially in humid summers. I am looking at same material for nose wheel steering cables, with heat shrink tube covering the exposed sheath. Main problem on a “103” build is weight.
        Have you modified the heads to add a 2nd plug per cyl., and why did you pick the accuspark as primary over the CDI system?
        Your plane being all wood, what specie did you use to keep weight down? The fellow who built my Hi-Max managed to find true, Sitka spruce. I would think that spruce is more available up there.
        Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      7. Yes it will produce about 60hp. I use original German forged 69mm crankshaft and Empi 92mm cylinders. The case and heads are machines to fit the bigger cylinder.
        The push pull cable is a lawn mower sort and it is for the elevator trim only. I would recommend teleflex Morse cables for primary control systems.
        Us the heads are machined for dual spark plugs. I choose accuspark because of what I have read and also the price. It has more known history than the Runtronic CDI system, but after 50hours of validation I might replace the accuspark distributor with a second Runtronic CDI instead.
        I use all sitca spruce from aircraft spruce. But I hear that ash is just as good to use.

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