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Airplanes and babies

This picture summaries the reason why I haven’t had the time to write here in a long time. We had a baby, Hillevi in Januari. We moved to Sunne in April and now working on a new place called Note and trying to get things going at our new place. I finally joined the lokal flight club and got to fly for a couple of hours this weekend. We spent the day at the very nice flight club in Sunne, It was a happy day for me to be able to do what I love the most with the people I love the most.

We met a nice lady at the airport shooting pictures of airplanes. I asked if she could take some pictures of us and my Avid Flyer.


Aileron work

Working on the ailerons. It’s like building a giant scale RC-plane. These ailerons are quite heavy duty I must say. I understand that they need to be extra strong and stable, because there are only ailerons on the lower wing. 

I got a nice little band saw for Christmas present from my wonderful wife. So cutting up all the sticks was easy. Gluing with T88 epoxy and clamping  with small plastic clamps.

The rod and hinge. I will use ball bearings instead of lexan bushings.

The leading edge is going to be covered with plywood. I painted varnish on the inside before covering. All surfaces to be glued was sanded before.

Using aircraft plywood from Finland.

The plywood is glued at one edge as a first step. I make two test samples for each glue batch. (One test sample is laying on top of the plywood).

Crankshaft work

Went to the machine shop today and got the prop hub and cam gear off the crankshaft.  I turned a ring to fit behind the cam gear to be able to use the hydraulic press.



Important to protect the bearing surface from the snap ring.





Preparing the VW Aero engine

Preparing the VW Aero engine

20160213_163836.jpgToday I started tearing down the engine I bought. It has only 150 flying hours but it has not been touched sinse 1986. Still there was no corrosion or rust at all. The owner has had the engine conserved and stored in a dry place all the time. It is an Danish 1600cc aeroconversion engine. So what I will do is to take it all apart, send the crankshaft to magnaflux inspection, have all the parts measured and ballanced, hace the case modified to fit 1834cc barrels and build it as an 1834cc engine.

I am going to visit the inventor club  I am a member of to loan the hydraulic press there, so I can get the prop hub and camgear off the crankshaft.

I will use the Swedish EAA aprooved manual to build the engine.


This book is also very good.


I welded togheter an engine stand.


The case came apart quit easy.


The engine has not been used to much, the old markings are still there from 1983.


But the seals are old and dry.


The crankshaft is an original germal forged one. No rust at all.


The bearing dowels are nice and tight.


The rear (refeering to airplane mounting) bearing seat has no marks thatI can feel with my finger.