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Avid Flyer

This is my Avid Flyer. I bought this in July 2018 from Thomas Björnbye. This Flyer was built in Italy and imported to Sweden 2005. It is a C-model. I fly it from my home strip in Möllebjörke. A very nice aircraft I must say!


Aileron work

Working on the ailerons. It’s like building a giant scale RC-plane. These ailerons are quite heavy duty I must say. I understand that they need to be extra strong and stable, because there are only ailerons on the lower wing. 

I got a nice little band saw for Christmas present from my wonderful wife. So cutting up all the sticks was easy. Gluing with T88 epoxy and clamping  with small plastic clamps.

The rod and hinge. I will use ball bearings instead of lexan bushings.

The leading edge is going to be covered with plywood. I painted varnish on the inside before covering. All surfaces to be glued was sanded before.

Using aircraft plywood from Finland.

The plywood is glued at one edge as a first step. I make two test samples for each glue batch. (One test sample is laying on top of the plywood).