Fly to the sky


This sunday me, christian and Stefan met at the flight club to replace one tire on our Eurostar Ultralight. The airport is sweeping the runway of by using large rotating steel brushes. The brushes leaves small nails on the runway and they puncture our tires. Anyway, me and Stefan went for a short. Flight around the flight pattern just to do son flight training.( don’t get much flight practise nowadays).


Jag är ett sätt att tänka.


6 thoughts on “Fly to the sky

  1. Dear Andres,expir
    I’m Ariel Arielly from Israel.
    I’ve built a Van’s RV8A (already 100 hours on it) and now is the time to go back to the “Grass Roots”.
    In 1983 I flew the Tierra II in Panama and I liked it Very, very much!
    I’m now considerind building my own T-Bird II (AKKA).
    I wonder if I will be anle to be helped somehow by you?
    ariel Arielly

    1. Hi Ariel! The T-bird 2 is a fun plane. Basic and simple but so fun! Noisy, draggy, stiff and a little ugly. But, with STOL performance and great visibility and feeling! 🙂
      I can help you by giving you advice and pictures. I have most of my pictures on this blogg and also on the “T-bird UL Yahoo group”. I also have a Facebook group for Tierra T-bird.
      But if you want to buy a new T-bird, you have to become a member at and call them. They will probably not answer by mail.

      1. Thank you Anders for your fast respond.
        As I told you, I had a lot of fun flying the Tierra II in the Eighties when I was in Panama and liked it very very muc.
        I also tryied to call Indy for more the 10 times, left them messeges and there was no any reply, Therfor I’m trying to get as much info as I can from any body hwo can help me get plans and even an old aircraft which I could rebuild for flying condition.

    2. There is a T-bird1 for sale at Facebook and yahoo. Do you live in Israel? Shipping from USA is quite expensive. Or do you know any other country that have the tbird? Tailand also have the tbird i think.

      1. Yes, I’m from Israel.
        I would prefer the two seater T-Bird II (even if I flew the single seater Tierrita in Panama too).
        And becouse of the Israeli regulations, I will have to disassemble the aircraft and send it as “row materials” to Israel what makes the shipment much cheapper.
        Do you have Skype? I’m Ariel Arielly

      2. Ok. I am afraid that you won’t be able to find any drawings that specify the tubes dimensions. So you will need to buy a used frame and rebuild it. Just post a question on the yahoo site and facebook group and ask if someone have a used frame for sale. I have a completely assembly manual for a -84 T-birdII that I can post on the yahoo site. There is already a assembly manual for the -83 Tierra2 available on the site. You need to log in with a PC to be able to read the files.
        It seems like is out of business, or maybe they don’t deal with people outside USA.

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