Painting the new tail support tubes and the fin.16h

This is the last tube on the fuselage to paint. I still have the wing struts left to paint. I am getting tired of painting now. But it’s soon there.

To keep my motivation high, I started painting my sails. The rudder and fin is already painted in silver. But I want a nicer look. Made in Sweden!  😉


I have been reading a lot about using latex paint on fabric. So I will give it a try. I bought Beckers acrylic paint based on latex. I am diluting it with windshield washfluid. Using a foam roller, I am applying very thin layers and letting it dry. Before painting again I sandpaper the surface with 400 paper and then go for a little thicker layer and so on. Later I will use rubbing and wax to get the gloss.
It sure is nicer to work with this stuff rather than the toxic poulerathane primer.



I still have several layers left to apply. Time consuming, but nice.

Jag är ett sätt att tänka.


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