Painting cabin. 10h.

Using my house latex paint and Latex additive Liquitex. I can’t get hold of Floetrol in europe, so I try using Liquitex. It seems to work out nicely. One problem I have is that the foam roller is producing hundreds of small bubbles when I apply the paint. I have to flatten the paint out with the roller about one minute after I have applied the wet paint. The Liquitex seems to make the paint surface flow out again. I will see tomorrow if it has worked.
So far I have painted 5 layers.

One thing I don’t know what to do with, is the  paint bleeding through the fabric, making the inside looking ugly. I really don’t feel like masking off the inside cabin and paint the fabric…


First layer. 70% paint. 20% liquitex. 10% water. Working the paint through the fabric, ensuring to make a god mechanical bond.


Ugly bleed through.


I didn’t mask of the glue, big mistake. Looks even more ugly on the inside.


5 layers.




Jag är ett sätt att tänka.


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