Designing strip board

Over the last few days i have been working on the strip/vero- board layout for the ignintion control unit. I want it to be as smal as possible. So I bought a Size 2 StripBoard (100x80mm) and started designing in the free stripboard-software . I chosed veeCAD because it is compatible with TinyCAD. I did not end up using the features that envolved importing the TinyCAD netlist to VeeCAD, but I will try it in the future. For now, I just do it all from basic. It is quit a big advance just to be able to move around the components on the screen instead of using paper, pensil and eraser.

This picture shows how my screen looks like when I am designing the stripboard.

I had to make some changes in the schematic to make the board more compact. The board are to be put in a alu box with a  “wall” to separate the “controller box” and “interface box”.  I can`t waith to start soldering!

Designing Veroboard


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