Why this blog?

I am a busy man. I always wanted to write a diary like a blog. It is a good way for me to give the day a reflection. But the time is not with me and the blog is not a priority. My family is actually my first priority. But since I am working on my airplanes on the spare time, and I need to document the process. I could just do it this way. So I have decided to use this blog as a airplane rebuilding log. It could seem like I don`t do anything else but working on my airplane, (yes, sometimes I don`t know where to stop), but that is just an illusion made by the power of internet and blogging. Of course I am doing other stuff also, like working, spending time with my family, doing housework, fixing the house, programming, reading, exercising and so much more. But I can`t write about it all, the time and energy just isn`t there.

I will try to use this blog as a personal website where people can get to know a little about me.




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