Airplane trailer

I need a trailer. And it needs to be a closed one. So I bought a cheap caravan chassie and found my old party tent. Next I went to the metal dealer and got some roof sheets that they wanted to get rid of. The hole think has costed me about 5000kr (500euro) in material costs. Next week I am going to do a new registration certifikation. It costs 1400kr. Anyway, I am building just what I need for a fare amount of money.








Next I am going to mount the wing storage mounts and some attachments in the floor for the fuselage. Later I will make a foldable table in the front with some toolboxes under and a small door to get in from the front.

Jag är ett sätt att tänka.


5 thoughts on “Airplane trailer

  1. Not counting the boat trailer, about how much did the other raw materials end up costing you? I’m building something similiar, I already restored the boat trailer part, adding a floor, then going up with that with metal siding.

    1. Hi Choppergirl. I just used an old party tent as a frame. It costed about 150EUR. And the metal sheets costed about 100EUR. But if I would do it again I would use plastic roofing sheets instead of metal, because of the weight.

      1. Working on my own at the moment, kind of going rather slow at it, I have everything but the roof sheeting. I got my trailer frame free but it was very rusty and I had to restore it first. If I had to do it again I would get a frame in a lot better shape first.
        I am going to put on the floor, go pick up an airplane 750 miles away, and then when I get it back I’ll think about putting roof over it. Instead of tent party poles, I have poles for an above ground pool which are exactly the same, maybe wider.
        I can get rusty roofing tin and restore it (derust with vinegar/phosophoric acid and paint with enamel) but I’ll look around for plastic. We have some transluscent fiber glass plastic roofing sheet that’s lasted 40 years on the roof of a barn here on the farm (surprising actually).

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