Buying my own airplane

As long as I remember, I have been dreaming of building and flying my own airplane. I have stayed down on the ground until I took the step and got a ultralight pilot certificate year 2008.  Just about the same y´time as girls started to be a little interesting, I bought my first radio controlled model airplane. So my life has been quit formed by airplanes. But do not be mistaken, I do know so little about airplane names and history. I have only special knowledge about some types, and more like general knowledge and understanding about airplanes and maintenance. I am a A&P (airframe & poweplant) flight technician. And I am a special officer in the Swedish air force primarily doing maintenance on the JAS39C7D Gripen fighter jet. And of course, I am a crazy fellow loving to dig my self into technical stuff. R/C helicopters, R/C airplanes, Ultralights, Airplanes, Some Weapons, Old Cars , House building, Electronics, Wood Working and a lot more.

So, what about building an airplane? I realize that building one from scratch will take me to long time. Considering everything I do, I do not have time to focus on one thing so long. That`s why I bought a old one, that needs rebuilding. I have all the parts, the plane is realy ready to be repaired, perfect! Why did I buy it now? I have been waiting to long for stuff to happen… It never happen by it self! Time to get started and not wait for better times! I built my first workshop for two years ago, now I have to sell it because of  family stuff. I did not get the chance to use it. OK, get over it and get started! I will build an other at my new place and fulfill my dreams. I just is`t easy to make stuff work… So what?

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My head and heart is full whit motivation and I want to get started right away. My father in law called me and gave me a tip about a airplane he has seen on the buy and sell site . It seem to be a nice airplane, and the price was quite low. The Plane was a old Tierra/AKKA two seater from 1985. After some late nights on google, I called the seller and asked if I and my belowed fiance could come and take a look. My birthday was that on saturday and I asked my better half to give me the trip as a birthday present.  We brought my friends car trailer and went 500km to take a look at an airplane. I have a wonderful and understanding fiance.  The seller was a man with a lot of stuff on his mind, and so was his place. The airplane was hangared since he bought it, and the poor AKKA had not seen light in 12 years, something that I liked. Sunlight is not good for an airplane covered in sails. I managed to lower the price from 39 000kr to 29 000kr and i got airplane pregnant. It took us 6 hours to get the plane on the trailer, and off we go! It took us two days to drive home due to the storm… Dam those who gives up!

We got the plane inside the hangar at the flight club and whent home for dreaming and planing. Beside this we are planning our wedding, selling our house, mowing to an other and trying to live our lifes. The AKKA had to whait some. To get me going I am listening to this wonderful song; Building an aeroplane  by Jenny Langlo


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